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We receive many dryer repair calls in Windsor, most involving dryers that just stop running. Since dryers work hard spinning wet blankets, jeans, towels and other type of clothing, it’s important they are maintained on a regular basis. Our dryer repair technicians see many common dryer repair issues, some of which include squealing, loud noises, and the dryer not drying or spinning correctly.

Why a noisy and loud dryer needs to be fixed ASAP

Noisy dryers can be frustrating and irritating. While repairing one might seem like a daunting repair job at first, it’s generally very easy to fix if you know the cause of the problem. The reason why a lot of people are duped out of their money by unscrupulous technicians is that they are not knowledgeable. We know because we’ve handled repairs for customers who were cheated on a repair that they could have handled themselves. To help ensure that you are not tricked as others have been, here is a list of some of the common issues that could be making your dryer to produce such noises.

  • A problem with the drum support or driver belt
  • A problem with the appliance’s drum slides
  • A problem with the idler pulley or drum seal

The drum in a dryer serves as a layer between the front and rear bulkheads. If the drum seal is torn, your clothes could end up getting stuck inside the drum as it rotates, causing the loud noises.

Dryer repair company, Windsor, Ontario

Clothes Dryer Repair Service

Troubleshooting Dryer Problems

When you give us a call, we listen to your problem and determine if it is one that can be resolved over the phone. If it is not, then we schedule an appointment and have one of our repair specialists in Windsor come over and have a look at your dryer.

Here’s a step-by-step look at how we handle a client’s query.

Step #1: We start by asking you a few questions

When clients call us, we start by asking if their dryers are turning on, drying correctly, or if they make loud noises while operating. From the answers we get, we are able to determine where the problem is and if the issue is one that will need a professional to address.

Step #2: We provide a quote and ask about your schedule

Our quotes are reasonably-priced, and we do our best to ensure that they are within your budget. We understand that you are a busy person and try and make sure that we schedule the repair at a time that’s convenient for you. We provide a 2 to 4-hour window and always show up on time.

Step #3: We quickly diagnose your dryer to identify the cause of the problem

As experienced dryer repair specialists in Windsor, ON, we have the equipment and knowledge needed to identify where the problem is so we can start work on it as soon as possible. We carry all the parts needed for most repairs in our work truck, so we do not have to make trips to the workshop.

Clothes Dryer Repair Service Area

We are proud to offer clothes dryer repair services in Windsor and Essex County. Our service area includes the communities of Tecumseh, Amherstburg, Essex, Kingsville, Leamington, Lakeshore and LaSalle. In addition to dryer repairs, we also provide clothes dryer installation services, as well as repairs to freezersstoves & ovensdishwashersrefrigerators and washing machines. As a leading appliance repair company in Windsor, Essex County, we are dedicated to providing high quality clothes dryer repairs and customer satisfaction from start to finish.