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Quality Fridge Repair Services

Our refrigerator repairs in Windsor include all makes models. If your fridge motor is noisy or not keeping food at the right temperature, we can fix it. We have over 15 years experience maintaining, installing, and repairing refrigerators in Windsor, Essex County. Whether your fridge is broken or functioning optimally, you can count on us for dependable repair services that are guaranteed.

Dependable Refrigerator Repairs

Whether it’s a leaking fridge or a noisy compressor, we have the knowledge and expertise to fix refrigerators of all types at the best possible price. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our refrigerator repair services. Our fridge repair services are reasonably priced and done right the first time – no shortcuts. Contact us for a free consultation.

Refrigerator repairs in Windsor Ontario.

Refrigerator Problems We Fix

If your refrigerator is not keeping your food cold, is making strange sounds, or causing other problems, we can help. Our refrigerator repair technicians have experience with all types of fridge repairs, including some of the more common ones listed below.

  • Refrigerator is not cooling
  • Freezer is not cold enough
  • Fridge making strange noises
  • Fridge door not closing properly
  • Fridge has stopped working
  • Ice maker stopped working
  • Water dispenser not working
  • Refrigerator is leaking
  • Fridge is freezing food
  • An error code appeared
  • Refrigerator is not defrosting
  • Ice build up in freezer
  • Fridge is too cold
  • Freezer coils frosting up
  • Ice maker is overflowing
  • Refrigerator fan not working
  • Fridge compressor problem
  • Refrigerator needs freon
  • No functioning lights
  • Condenser issues
  • Temperature fluctuations

Same Day Fridge Repair

In many cases, you might not know you need refrigerator repairs until your fridge begins losing cold air. While it is not that easy finding same-day fridge repair service providers, the good thing is that you’ve come to the right place. We offer same-day repair services to get your fridge back up and running again, and we provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We can fix any make or model.

Refrigerator Repair Service

Minimizing Refrigerator Repairs

To extend the life of your refrigerator and minimize repairs, learn how to care for it. When a refrigerator is properly maintained the chances of it breaking down significantly decrease. One of the things you can do to increase your fridge’s life is to close its doors after you’ve picked what you want from it. Avoid leaving the door open for long periods. While it’s easy to get distracted, do your best to ensure that you always close the door.

Families that cook a lot, tend to leave their fridge door open for convenience purposes. While leaving the doors open makes it easier and convenient for you to grab the food you need, you aren’t doing your refrigerator any favors. When the fridge door is left open for extended periods, the cool air inside the fridge escapes, forcing the appliance motor to run for longer periods. Refrigerator motors aren’t built to run for long periods – they’re designed to turn on and off. The extended use of a motor will cause it to wear out quickly.

Fridge Repairs Gone Bad

As someone who’s handy, we understand your desire to want to fix your refrigerator when it’s faulty. However, we advise against doing so. Repairing a refrigerator is not an easy job and is something that can get out of hand quite fast if you do not know what you are doing. Apart from making it hard for us to do our job, trying to repair a fridge on your own can prove to be a headache – a headache that you will probably regret later.

When performing refrigerator repairs in Windsor, we’ve come across many instances where the homeowner attempted to repair their fridge but failed, making the repair more difficult and costly. In many cases, parts have been snapped off, screws are either stripped or missing, parts that shouldn’t have been taken apart have been, the wrong part has been installed, and the wiring is messed up. Remember, it costs NOTHING to call us to discuss your situation.

Refrigerator Service Area

We are proud to offer fridge repair services in Windsor and Essex County. Our service area includes the communities of Tecumseh, Amherstburg, Essex, Kingsville, Leamington, Lakeshore and LaSalle. In addition to fridge repairs, we also provide refrigerator installation services, as well as repairs to freezers, stoves & ovens, dishwashers, washing machines and dryers.